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Let’s face it, between working and raising a family, you probably don’t have time for much, including painting your home.  Whether you are right on time or way overdue for a quality paint job, you have decided to let professionals handle this paint project. Leave it to the professionals at Master P Painting to give you the paint job you need and deserve”! 

 We provide residential repaints.  Interior, exterior and kitchen cabinets.

 Choose the Master P difference!  Quality craftsmanship with every project.



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Each one of our painter’s has been selected because they take pride in their “craft”.  Pride seems like a thing of the past.  Not with these painters.  Tony, Jason, Chad and Felipe don’t just paint, they are more like artists creating a piece.  Did you know that painters get defensive about their work.  Don’t tell a painter they need to make change here or there without telling them that they excel in an aspect of the process of “transformation”!

Because that is what we do;

WE transform houses into homes.

WE can change the entire energy of a home with some hard work and a few strokes of the brush.

WE can give you that feeling that most people chase when talking about their “nest”.

WE help PROTECT, most people’s,  largest investment.

At MASTER P PAINTING  you can EXPECT to deal with professionals that truly do what’s best for your home.  Most contractors do what is right for their “pocketbook”.  Not here….we are not only after your business but the business of close friends and family as well.  A guy told me long ago….”if you do a good job for someone, they will tell 5 people that might someday be your customer but if you do a bad job for someone, they will tell 25 people that will never be your customer!”  I took that to heart all of those years ago.

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Tired of Looking at Dull, Faded Walls?

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Don't wait months to paint your home

We ask for an honest review of your experience with us at the end of the project.  We are willing to put our reputation on the line with your project.
We live in an area where the sun beats up our paint and destroys our siding if we don’t keep up on the maintenance of keeping your home protected.  Like caulking the right way after a pressure washing, keeps out the bugs and the weather making you watertight.  It’s all in our process that makes our paint jobs last longer.  We use 30% more paint than our competitors and we use quality products from Sherwin William’s.  The right “prep” with the right ingredients are the foundation to a long lasting finish.  You can rest assured that you are in “good hands” when you enter into a project, partnered with Master P Painting.
We provide free estimates and offer discounts including Senior and Military savings.
We can come to your home, get an idea of your vision and bring that vision to reality.
We ,have access to a SHERWIN WILLIAMS  color consultant that can walk you through the process of picking colors.
WE look forward to being part of your TRANSFORMATION!